Pay Per Click Marketing Services

Our Pay Per Click marketing services is goal-oriented and result-oriented. We have PPC experts and link analysts that effectively and efficiently manage your PPC campaigns through Google, Microsoft and other PPC networks and help you in reaching new customers. We help you in finding the most effective keywords and the budget specific rates to bid for in order to get the customers you want to take your business to the next top level.

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per click marketing is the most effective tool of search engine marketing. It is the process of placing your paid ads into the search results of first-tier search engines like Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads. This is the most common Internet advertising model of directing traffic to your website and delivering higher ROI. Here the advertiser pays the publisher that may be owner of a website or Google AdWords owner, whenever the ad is clicked by the user on the basis of predetermined price.

How Pay Per Click helps you?

Your business is in grave danger if you are unable to market it on search engine. There are many ways of Search Engine Marketing like Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Impressions (CPI), Search Analytics and Web Analytics. But PPC is the most popular and widely practiced model of Internet advertising. When you give paid ads to major search engines, they place you on the top of their search results whenever the user finds the information with the keyword you bided for. This way the visitors click the links and reach on your landing page. Your landing page must be search engine optimized to engage new visitors through Landing Page Optimization (LPO) and interactive and high quality content for converting the passive visitors into active visitors through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). And finally through the amalgamation of all the SEO strategies we persuade visitors in purchasing your products/services.

You must put a steady budget for Pay Per Click services Campaign. It is because the advertisements are paid and the pricing rate is per-click basis and the price per click could be flat rate or bid rate. In the flat pricing model the advertiser and the publisher agrees on some pre-determined rate for every click. On the other hand, in biding model, you have to bid for the competitive keywords. Such a model is very expensive and Google AdWords employs this model. If you have budgetary strength you should choose our Pay Per Click management service and get amazing results.

PPC | Pay Per Click Services

Our PPC Management service includes following:

Managing PPC Campaigns:We plan, organise, co-ordinate and execute PPC Campaigns on your behalf. Pay Per Click management is not just providing paid ads into the search results of major search engines or other websites. It requires research, technical expertise, highly refined SEO skills and the experienced hands that can deliver the results assured to you. We have the above mentioned knowledge, updated technical experts and highly professional research team to serve you in effectively managing your PPC Campaigns and delivering pre-set results.

Proper web Analytics:We choose a wide variety of keywords for your business. We design keywords after conducting proper web analytics in which we get to know the keywords the users often search with on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Determining and Bidding Specific Keywords : After thorough analysis of your competitor keywords and PPC strategies, we determine a set of keywords for your business and then bid for them with the first-class search engines such as Google AdWords, Microsoft Bing Ads, and others. We manage the biding process of both keywords and price per click on your behalf.

Weekly Link Analysis Reports: We provide you weekly link analysis reports. We have link analysts that will explain to you all the technical information in these reports.

High Click Through Rate: Click through Rate or CTR is the ratio of the users who actually click on the link (your website link) to the total number of users who viewed the link. We increase CTR through placing paid links into the relevant and well regarded websites so that they will be treated as natural and high quality links by search engine and will be liked and clicked by the visitors as they are targeted at specific users.

High Conversion Rate Optimization: When your paid link is clicked in the search engine results the visitors reach to the landing page and through a set of SEO strategies and especially Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) we help you in converting passive visitors into active visitors. Our experts will keep you apprised of conversion data analysis.

Landing Page Optimization : After PPC campaign the visitors reach to your landing page that can be the home page or any specific page where you sell your products/services. Here you need what is called Landing Page Optimization (LPO) which is all about engaging the visitors to purchase the packages you offer.