Hire Android App Developers

If you want to hire Android App Developers to design and develop an app for your business with stunning and awe-inspiring design and multiple interactive features, we are here for that. We have delivered 500+ android mobile apps for our clients since our foundation in 2012. Our dedicated team of developers, experts, programmers, graphic designers and others technicians work with clients from the conceptualization to the final execution. We continue this relationship with our clients further from execution to further planning. We serve our clients in full life cycle of the product. Our client support is first rated by our clients.

Why you need to hire Android App Developers?

  • Android is an open source and integrated software platform. It is used by the mobile manufacturers and Android App development companies widely.
  • Android is free and this has made Android based smart phones cheaper than iPhone iOS mobiles, Windows Mobile or Blackberry. The number of Android smart phone users has increased tremendously. Android mobile market share is pegged at 86.2 percent by Gartner for August, 2016 when the iPhone mobile market share has declined to just 12.9 per cent. The number of apps in Google Play store has out-numbered the number of apps available in Apple’s App store
  • Android has become the most popular mobile operating system worldwide. It has become a fascination among impatient mobile user folks. Android accounts for 90% of all new installs and android mobile app development is increasing at a tremendous pace. Therefore, it is a must win for you to hire Android App developers to develop a customized app for your business needs and give a flip to your business
  • With its increased acceptance and higher penetration, android has become the most preferable choice for mobile manufacturers. Now Android is regarded to be the cutting edge passion in the versatile web world.
  • We at Ranking Soar provide advanced service of hire android app developers to meet this growing demand of android apps. Our team is updated with the latest mobile technologies and develops innovative and creative apps for your business.
  • Android Operating System provides barrier and hiccup free atmosphere for app developers. There is a meager licensing fee. It is possible to create mobile apps without spending much time and money. You must hurry to hire android app developers to get android app developed for your needs.
  • Android based apps can be distributed in a multitude of ways unlike other mobile operating systems. Android Market is a third-party application store where one can browse and download apps launched by other third-party mobile apps developers, hosted on Android Market. There are various other third-party apps stores. You are free to create your own distribution channels.
  • Association with Google has made it more powerful with Google Maps and Google Voice Apps
  • GSM, CDMA, EDGE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, EV-DO and UMTS technologies are compatible with android platform to send/receive data through mobile networks.
  • Comprehensive libraries are available for 2D and 3D graphics
  • Wide range of libraries for images, audio and video files
  • Interactive features like touch screen, video camera, GPS, accelerometer and magnetometer
  • SQLite for data storage
  • Inter-process communication message passing
  • Export and signing app for publishing

Why Ranking Soar?

Highly Experienced Team: We at Ranking Soar believe that a skilled and proficient team of developers and designers is the primary requisite for developing a high quality and interactive android based app for your business needs. You must spent good amount of time in choosing a good team or hiring android app developers because it is the team that makes or breaks your fortunes. We have over 4 years experience in android app development since 2012. We have developed over 500 android apps for our clients across the globe. We develop customized android based apps for diverse industry segments as per the requirements of the clients. That is the reason businesses or individuals hire android app developers from Ranking Soar.

Attractive designs: We do not just develop apps we build relationships with users through eye-catching and awe-inspiring app designs. We have experienced user interface designers. Our visual artists and graphic and logo designers are also amazing as they help us in producing the design with which users fall in love.

Regular Reporting: We adopt a transparent & step by step process of Android app development & Android based software development process. We send our clients regular reports on weekly basis to keep them apprised off the progress in the android app development process.

Testing and Re-testing: We have a closely monitored testing and retesting procedure before deploying the app to the client. We strictly test the app for unblemished user experience.

High Security: We develop highly secure apps and security of your app is our top propriety throughout the life cycle of the app.