Apps Marketing

Rankingsoar is a leading and dominant apps marketing company in India. Millions of apps are developed and launched by different companies around the globe every year. Each app has its target audience. Hence, each App is different, and so should the marketing strategies to sell them. It is where you need our Apps Marketing Service. It is very crucial to strike a strong balance between app development and marketing to ensure sustainability. You know only few apps succeed in becoming brands with greater sustainability. The reason is not the faults in apps only but in the marketing and distribution strategies too. We market apps both for mobile and desktop.

In Apps Marketing there are two options available through which you can guide users to download the apps. One is paid downloads and the second is organic downloads. Organic downloads have always shown greater loyalty and retention rate of customers. On the other hand, Paid ads are sometimes deceiving and people don’t like such ads. But this does not mean paid advertising is bad for marketing your apps. We design such a marketing strategy that incorporates both paid and organic advertising according to your needs and marketing goals.

Our Apps marketing Strategy

We at Ranking Soar design different marketing strategies for mobile apps from that of the desktop app. Our experience in Apps Marketing has taught us that mobile experience is unique and different from the desktop. Our solid marketing and distribution strategies include the following

Extensive Marketing Research

We have a marketing research team that conduct marketing researches regularly for our clients. To market your apps it is important for you to know everything about the audience you target. You have to know where they often visit, their lifestyles, their needs, their age-groups, their education and other information. You can’t ignore the statistic that you get after a thorough research.

Pre-launch Promotional Campaigns

Promotional campaign is an indispensable aspect of Apps Marketing that helps you in gaining early adopters for your new apps. We conduct promotional campaigns through following tools:

Launching core features early: Our research has guided us that launching core features of the apps early helps in grabbing early adapters.

Creating a Niche: It is very important for you that your app must have certain features that are different from other similar apps. It will help you to differentiate your app in a crowded market. We do it for you in two ways. We highlight these different features of your app and market them and we also help you in creating a specific niche for your app.

Social Media marketing: It is one of the most powerful and persuasive promotional tool. We have a proven track record in social media marketing. Our tools are:

Social networks: We ensure your app’s presence in each of the largest social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. We create a fan page for your app, update and send posts to the similar groups. We create catchy advertising content which grabs your target audience attention.

YouTube: We create and upload videos for your app’s and describe in them the app functionality in a funny but creative way to persuade the viewers to download the app. We target to create viral content for your app that will get millions of shares and likes on its own within hours. We can also help you in ordering paid advertising on YouTube.

Blogging: We create blogs for your apps. We also search for review bloggers, pitch them your apps or send an article about them.

Using other resources: We create a special page for the app we are marketing on your website. We advertise it in our personal Facebook pages and groups. We send newsletters to subscribers and publish press releases.

App Store Optimization

We are providing SEO services to over 1500 clients since 2012. We have developed wide experience and designed following special techniques for app store optimization.

  • Incorporate keywords in the title
  • Avoid too long descriptions that are scary and take the visitors away
  • Create content in the form of App reviews
  • Managing user reviews by suppressing negative reviews and pushing positive reviews upwards in search results. This will also help you in building your reputation online.

Post-launch Maintenance

We keep monitoring your app and try new things for greater sustainability. We keep our eyes on your sales and app store rankings and accordingly bring changes in the optimization process and Apps Marketing in general. We keep your users engaged by posting about updated versions, new features, and your latest apps. We keep track of the users’ feedback and apprise you off the new features and/or changes they want in the updated versions.